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Meet Nanagunawaan

Every month, we highlight a different creator who’s shaking up the blogosphere with its amazing content and knockout photography. We hope that you enjoy this series and that you’ll find it insightful, helpful and more importantly, inspiring!


What we love

This month we wanted to feature @nanagunawaan as our influencer of the month because we have been fans of her and her content since the very first hour. She is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, travel & lifestyle influencer of her generation on Instagram. Every single post she makes on her feed makes you leave your day to day routine and dream a little bit.

She travels to locations worldwide with a core focus on Southeast Asian destinations and in spite of the variety of the places she visits, she still manages to maintain complete control and consistency over her feed.

We would also like to make a special mention to the way @nanagunawaan manages her IG stories. She makes highlights based on the destinations reached which gives a fresh new take on how to display stories.

Because we are so many followers secretly dreaming we’d have her life sometimes before going to bed at night, we wanted to feature this amazing creative.

Please show her lots of love and go follow now on Instagram @nanagunawaan!




Nanagunawaan Profile


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