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Meet Yais Yusman

Every month, we highlight a different creator who’s shaking up the blogosphere with its amazing content and knockout photography. We hope that you enjoy this series and that you’ll find it insightful, helpful and more importantly, inspiring!


What we love

This month we wanted to feature @_yaisyusman_ as our influencer of the month for an obvious reason: his content is too awesome… You might not know this but one of our founders is a part time photographer and is really passionate about urban/street photography. It comes as no surprise when you make that statement to see @_yaisyusman_ featured here as he is one of the best and creative in this vertical.

The creative eye of the Singaporean influencer is limitless. Visual to visual he never ceases to impress us and to play with our sense of gravity and perspective. His feed is clean, pure, aesthetic and more than anything so freaking cool.

And to top it all up, he takes most of his shots with an iPhone #shotoniphone which makes his creations all the more incredible.

He animates his community through a now popular hashtag that he created #thehangingcollection that now regroups around 800 unique creations.

We love @_yaisyusman_ not only for his creative sense but also for pushing other people to create. He is a true leader of his field and an inspiration to so many photographers out there! Please show him lots of love and go follow now on Instagram @_yaisyusman_!




Yaisyusman Profile


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